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Module 1: COBOL Introduction

COBOL Introduction

COBOL stands for COmmon Business-Oriented Language. COBOL is high level programming language suitable for business applications. It was first developed in 1959 by a group known as CODASYL (Conference on DATA System Language) and was later revised many times to make it even better.

COBOL is mainly used for data processing in mainframe computer system. It is widely used in business, finance and human resource applications. Also banking, insurance and defence domain make extensive use of COBOL due to huge data processing capability. Unlike some high level programming languages, COBOL uses English like word and phrases making it easier to understand and highly readable.


This tutorial can be helpful for any software programmer who wants to learn and understand basics of COBOL programming Language. Also, it will useful for mainframe professionals who wants to revise COBOL concepts


There are no prerequisites for learning COBOL, but it will be easier for any readers with basic knowledge of software programming concepts and very basic knowledge of computer related terms. Also, understanding of any other programming language will help you quickly understand COBOL programming concepts

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