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Module 6: JCL Utilities

Utilities, an Overview

Utilities can be considered as a useful tool in mainframe, which can be helpful to system programmer or application developers while they code system or application features. In general, utilities are pre-written programs supplied by MVS that can be used in our JCL to accomplish most popular tasks such as copy PS or PDS files, renaming/compressing/comparing dataset etc. These utilities can only be used in JCL.

There are lot of utilities provided by MVS but below are most popular utilities:-

Utility Name Purpose
IEBGENER Used to copy sequential data sets, a member of partitioned data set or PDSE(Partitioned data set extended)
IEBCOPY Used to copy selected (or all) members from one to another PDS (partitioned data sets). It can also be used to compress PDS to recover lost space.
IEHPROGM Used to catalog/uncatalog/rename dataset. It can also be used to create Generation Data Groups(GDG)
IEBCOMPR Used to compare two PS or PDS datasets
IEFBR14 It is dummy utility and used to allocate/delete datasets
IDCAMS Mostly used to manage GDGs and VSAM datasets.
IEBEDIT Used to selectively copy the steps from a JCL
IEHINIT Used to initialize a tape
IEHLIST Used to list the entries in the catalog
IEHMOVE Used to move one dataset from one volume to another volume

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