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Module 6: Procedure Division


  • DIVIDE verb is used to divide one numeric value by another numeric value and store the calculated value
  • Basic syntax:-
    Format 1:-

    DIVIDE  {identifier-1/literal-1} INTO identifier-2 [, identifier-3]…

    Format 2:-

    DIVIDE {identifier-1/literal-1} INTO {identifier-2/literal-2} [, {identifier-3/literal-3}]… GIVING identifier-4 [, identifier-5]…  [REMAINDER identifier-6.]

    Format 3:-

    DIVIDE {identifier-1/literal-1} BY {identifier-2/literal-2} GIVING identifier-3 [, identifier-4]…  [REMAINDER identifier-5.]

  • Below table will help you understand few possible operations using DIVIDE
  • When GIVING option is used, then only we can use numeric-literal in place of identifier-2, identifier-3
  • Last named operand must never be literal as the resultant value is always stored there.

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