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Module 2: COBOL Overview

Features of COBOL

  • Simplicity and standardization. COBOL is a standard, easy-to-learn language that can be compiled and executed on a number of computers. It supports a wide range of syntax vocabulary and has an uncluttered coding style.
  • Business-oriented capabilities. COBOL’s advanced file handling capabilities enable it to handle large volumes of data. COBOL is suited for everything from simple batch reporting to complex transactions.
  • Universal and Robust language. COBOL has adapted to six decades of business change and works across numerous platforms and devices. The language offers debugging and testing tools for almost all computer platforms, and new COBOL products, compilers and development tools continue to be announced every year.
  • Structure and scalability. The logical control structures available in COBOL make it easy to read, modify and debug. COBOL is also scalable, reliable and portable across platforms.

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