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MODULE 7: COBOL Control statements

COBOL Control statements

  • COBOL programming language uses control statements to cause the flow of execution to advance and branch based on changes to the state of a program
  • COBOL’s program control statements can be put into the following categories:- Selection, Iteration and Jump
    • Selection statement allows your program to choose different paths of execution based on the output of conditional expression or the status of variable. COBOL supports two selection statement:
      • IF
      • EVALUATE
      Conditional expression can take one of the following form:-
      • Relation condition
      • Sign condition
      • Class condition
      • Condition-name condition
      • Negated single condition
      • Combined condition
    • Iteration statement allows program execution to repeat one or more statements (i.e. iteration statements form loops). COBOL supports one iteration statement:
      • PERFORM
    • Jump statement allows your program to execute in a non-linear fashion. COBOL supports few jump statements such as:
      • CONTINUE
      • GO TO
  • We will be discussing all of them in detail in upcoming section

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