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Module 6: Procedure Division

Qualification of data names while using MOVE

  • The data name(variable name) of elementary items of different group need not be unique
  • If two elementary data items of different groupings contain same name then you can use ‘OF’ qualifier followed by group data item name to refer variable uniquely
  • Syntax format for the qualification of data names as follows:-

    data-name-1 OF data-name-2

  • Example:-
    • Let’s assume data declaration in DATA DIVISION is,

      01 EMP-REC-1. 05 E1 PIC 999. 05 E2 PIC 999V9. 05 E3 PIC XXXXXX. 05 E4 PIC 999. 01 EMP-REC-2. 05 E1 PIC ZZZ. 05 D1 PIC 999.9. 05 E3 PIC XXXBXX. 05 D4 PIC ZZZ.

    • Assume currently data in EMP-REC-1 and EMP-REC-2 is as follows
    • After the execution of below statement,
      The content of E3 elementary item belonging to group item EMP-REC-1 will be moved to E3 elementary item of group item EMP-REC-2. Content of EMP-REC-1 and elementary items E1, D2,D4 of EMP-REC-2 will remain unchanged. Below table indicate the final value of EMP-REC-2:-

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