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Module 9: Array processing and Table handling

SET verb

  • It is used to set/increase/decrease the value of the indexes
  • Example:-

    SET S1 TO 3.

    This will set the value of index S1 to 3.
  • General syntax:-

    SET index-1 [, index-2]…      {TO/UP BY/DOWN BY}     {identifier-1/integer-1}

  • Example 1:-

    SET S1,E1 TO 2.

    This will set values of S1, E1 to 2
  • Example 2:-

    SET S1,E1 TO D1.

    This will store the current value of D1 into S1, E1
  • Example 3:-

    SET D1 UP BY 1.

    This will increment the value of D1 by 1
  • Example 4:-

    SET D1 DOWN BY 2.

    This will decrement the value of D1 by 2

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